1. 2005 Toyota Tundra with 160K miles….this thing has been my partner in crime for almost a decade now!
  2. Flowcine Black Arm Complete with vibration Mount #01 and Toad in the Hole
  3. Griptech Riser with Quick Lock 
  4. Griptech Scaf to Mitchel (could not find on website)
  5. LSK trailer hitch to mitchell mount




Quick rundown on how I setup my MoVI for  MoVILapse.

  • Reduce Remote Scale to ~4 deg/ sec to limit how fast the MoVI Can Pan
  • Increase pan majestic smoothing to 25-50
  • Set MoVI to Majestic Pan and Smooth Lock Tilt
  • Use window of 0-10 (0 if you want pan to follow every little move, 5-10 if you want some window where little moves do not show up – like lane changes etc)


  • 1 fps if I am going < 35mph
  • 2fps if I am going > 35mph
  • Use slow shutter for nice smooth motion blur


  • Learn to think in 10x speed….every move you do will playback 10x faster
  • Practice!  Get out and shoot, dial in your technique
  • Try crazy ideas….media is free
  • Make sure everything is tight!  Nobody wants to kill cameras on accident


That should get you started…please share your results with the Freefly team!  We have been using this setup on all our recent productions

Funny 360 degree behind the scenes from MoVI Pro shoot


Here is a recent drive home I did with the setup described abov 


and another messing around the parking lot at FF